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Water is life - water creates life - life originates from water!

Two thirds of the surface of the earth consist of water, two thirds of our human body consist of water! The element water is man’s most important foodstuff. Water is energy and information carrier. The know- ledge that water has an inherent storage capability is of paramount importance - unfortunately, however, the physical processes of the intake of information, the storage and release of information have not yet been documented in a relWELLAN® 2000 EUROPE GmbHle scientific form. In all probability, the intake of information takes place via specific frequencies with which the water creates ultra-fine electromagnetic fields that are passed on from water molecule to water molecule in splits of seconds.

Water has a great variety of functions in our body: to enumerate all of the functions water is performing in our bodies would go beyond the scope of this exposition; we must, however, not fail to mention the most important ones:

- Regulation of the water balance
- Providing all the cells and tissues with water of adequate quantity and quality
- Regulation of the osmotic pressure of the fluid spaces
- Assistance with the regulation of the energy balance
- Function as energy carrier (water as an ultra-sensitive medium
  for the storage of electromagnetic fields)
- Function as information carrier (enables all the parts of the body
  to communicate with one another)
- Assistance with the regulation of the acid-base contents
- Acting as reaction agent for chemical processes
- Acting as solvent
- Cleansing of the system (detoxification)
- Acting as means of transportation
- Assistance with temperature regulation
- Acting as filler and buffer system
- Acting as therapeutic agent!!!

Thus, water is admitted to have a detoxifying function. At this point, we should think of the numerous hydropathic treatments such as Kneipp cures, mineral water cures, lavages, infusions, steambaths, sauna baths etc..

In this connection, we differentiate between two types of water pollution.

A - The substantial pollution of the water.

B - The informative pollution of the water.

Basically, one can say that the waterworks only offer water which is in conformity with the drinking water regulations. It is optically pure, of pure taste and germ-free. By the time the water reaches our household, however, it has already run through miles and miles of pipes and has passed electromagnetic fields etc. which means that the water quality has deteriorated. The water has taken up metals in the form of ions, e.g. zinc, copper, lead, just to mention a few of them, which in high concentrations may cause health problems. Furthermore, germs may have formed themselves (legionellae cluster in lime deposits and may cause the death of persons with a weakened immune system).
E-colibacteria may cause extremely severe infections; pseudonoma aerogunosa is a soil bacterium which is often found in water. It may cause serious intestinal diseases.

In the household, we put detergents, cleansing agents and other domestic chemicals into our water. The water is contaminated. These substances are subsequently removed again from the water in sewage treatment plants by means of expensive chemical processes. It should not been forgotten, however, that water - as has been explained earlier on - works as information carrier and therefore is capable of storing information about these substances in the form of energetic frequencies. Each chemical substance leaves an informative fingerprint in the water which is not neutralised under normal circumstances and continues to exert a long-time effect on our body fluids.

In addition, there exist housing poisons, electromagnetic radiation, car exhausts and suchlike. Consequences: more and more persons suffer from allergies - from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), rheumatism, cancer and other diseases...

“WELLAN ® 2000” helps!

“Wellan” - provides the water with new energies (measured in Bovis units), cf. examination report.

“Wellan” - detoxifies the body, makes the water purer (lowering of the conductance), cf. examination report.

“Wellan” - improves the drinking water quality (cf. examination report of the Institute Hagalis)

“Wellan” - neutralises bacteria (cf. examination report - Environment and Hygiene of the Institute Dr. Prucha)

“Wellan” - prevents the formation of algae and putrefaction (cf. reference Swimming pools in Spain)

Only healthy water may heal!!

Crystal Analysis
Comparison Study: Water Treatment Systems


Samples examined:
water sample: WELLAN® 2000, second sample

Within the frame of a comparison study for which altogether 2 samples were collected and subsequently used for comparative evaluation, the spagyric crystalline crops were examined which had been retrieved in the liquid phase and in the solid phase of the samples.

The crystals develop from the extraction of the previously incinerated and calcined distillate residue. These crystal salts are mixed with the distillate and placed onto the slide holder. The liquid is allowed to evaporate at room temperature. During the process crystal pictures are formed which are typically assigned to the samples and enable a resulting statement about the quality of the samples’ vitality.

Summary of crystallizate generation:

1. Distillation of the sample without adding water or any other solvents at low temperatures.
2. Recovery of the crystal salt from the distillate residue by way of incineration and calcination.
3. Mixing of distillate and crystal salts and subsequent placement on slide holders. 4. Development of the relevant crystals pictures typical of the samples.

The crystal pictures of one and the same sample are reproducible at any time and always display the crystal structures typical of the samples.

water sample: WELLAN® 2000, second sample

In the direct comparison, a remarkable difference is noticeable between the neutral sample and the WELLAN® 2000 sample (second sample) examined here. The essential advantages consist mainly in the increase of vitality and of the order structure which exert a vitalising effect on the consumer. It is to be assumed that an increased activity of the water has taken place which still has to be corroborated by chemical analyses. In any case, a qualitative improvement of the water compared to the neutral sample can be stated which is beneficial for the consumer.

In order to be able to go into greater detail and make more accurate statements about the medical effects, however, would require further studies to be made in connection with blood crystal analyses. Unfortunately, this is not possible within the frame of the present study.

Aftholderberg, 13.03.O0
signed: Andreas Schulz
A. Schulz
(Test Official)

Crystal Analysis
Comparison Study: Metum-Stic

Sample: water sample:
WELLAN® 2000, second sample

The close-up shows a section of a crystal complex of the widely ramnified crystal structures. They are extremely clearly shaped and in contrast to the neutral sample represent a good structural force such as it occurs only in biological order systems. Thus, the water of the second sample that had been energetically treated with WELLAN® 2000 attained an order structure which the neutral sample did not display to that extent. The higher an organism ranks in the biological development, the stronger is its order structure and the more individually it is developed. In so far, the order structure rendered a biological enhancement of the water possible and thereby also caused a valence increase. For the consumer it is particularly important to consume harmonically ordered and informed water and on the one hand experience a vitalising strengthening and on the other hand be able to actually perceive the water as a means for detoxifying the metabolism. To achieve this goal, the water subjected to energetisation via the WELLAN® 2000 system of the (second sample) offers an important advantage and, accordingly it was also awarded a better appraisal than the neutral sample.

Sample with Metum-Stic, 400-fold enlarged | Sample: neutral, 400-fold enlarged

Institute for Hygiene and Environment (IHU)

Germ concentration [KBE/100ml]
Duration of Test [hrs]
Graphical display of the time-dependent change in the Escherichia coli germ
concentration of the test batches in cryostats with and without "Wellan" ring

red: Test batch in the cryostat with "Wellan" ring (prepared at the site of IHU)
blue: Test batch in the cryostat without "Wellan" ring (prepared at the site of a different firm)

Determination of the concentration of Escherichia coli germs in the test batch in the cryostat with "Wellan" ring.

100 ml of the sample in each case were membrane-filtered, placed on Endo Agar and incubated for 48 hours at 36°C

left: Initial germ concentration of 72 KBE/100 ml before the beginning of the test right: after 1 hour of recirculation there wereno more germs to be detected

E. coli IHU - Instant Value

E. coli IHU - Value after 1 Hour

Extract from the expert opinion on WELLAN® 2000 prepared by the Institute Dr. phil. J.-Michael Kohfink

Augsburg, 20.10.1997

Order from: Wagner Umwelttechnik (Environmental Technology)
Object: Drinking-water treatment device WELLAN® 2000
Cause: Quality test of different waters

Test result “energy-enriched water”

Owing to energy enrichment and molecular lime disintegration, the quality parameter of the water treated with WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device has improved compared to untreated water. The treated water showed “life” again. The energy enrichment makes the treated water take a charged dextrorotation (normal tap water is laevorotatory). The primary information in the water which are suppressed by pollutants, poisons, heavy metals, radio activity etc. are partly reactivated, that is, the water starts to be alive again.

For the measurement normal tap water was taken from the domestic water wipe. The measuring value of the drinking water was 23 pulses/sec. After the direct passage through the WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device the value rose to 35 pulses/sec (+52%).

The radio activity measurement with different radio activity measuring devices (Geiger - Müller counter) did not reveal any measurable changes, that is, the natural radio activity is not withdrawn from the water.

The electric resistance measurement provided a reproducible result. The parameter of the untreated water was 430 µS. Through the activation by the WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device the parameter changed to 380 gS (-12%). The lower the Siemens parameter (pS), the better the water quality.

The water treatment with the WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device does not change the pH value.

The WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device changes the lime parameter through molecular disintegration in a highly positive manner.

The radiaesthetic measurements revealed that the water subjected to the WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment rises from 5.960 Bovis units to 18.250. This rise (+200%) indicates a very good efficiency of action.

Through the WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device a very good drinking-water quality is obtained.

The parameters determined in this expert opinion refer to the WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device of the company WELLAN® 2000 EUROPE GmbH · (Institute for Applied Bioenergetics)

Water is life, but only if it is alive!

Water Test Reference Values

Medium Measured Test Value
(fresh water)
Fines Value
(fresh water)
Normal tap water 23 I/Sec. 5.960 BE
Rain water 25 I/Sec. 11.000 BE
Überkinger Mineral water 25 I/Sec. 14.000 BE
Volvic water 28 I/Sec. 13.800 BE
Reverse osmosis water 31 I/Sec. 16.500 BE
Himalayan experimental water 34 I/Sec. 14.100 BE
according to Körbler
WELLAN® 2000 Water 35 I/Sec. 18.250 BE

I/sec. = pulses per second
BE = Bovis units according to A. Bovis

The higher the measuring pulses and Bovis units, the purer and richer in energy is the medium.

“Water is an essential element of living nature, the cradle of life and centre of everything that lives”
Szent György

“All processes of life are directly or indirectly connected with the water. Thus, water plays a special role with regard to environmental problems”
Wolfgang Ludwig

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