Water is healing in a broader sense

The human being consists to two thirds of water - water is a source of energy and carrier of inform- ation for man but only if the water is not polluted by environmental poisons. This insight induced Klaus Wagner, a natural-medical practitioner who runs a practice for natural healing, to study the phenomenon ‘water’ more closely.

There exist a variety of water treatment systems, many of them work with chemicals, with current, with magnets, all the systems and methods function - but only if the water is flowing. In addition to his work as a non-medical practitioner, Klaus Wagner has dedicated himself to water treatment for 20 years and to the sale of the most different devices. The problem of furred and rusted pipes has always come first and the aim has been to keep the pipes free from lime. Here, usually nobody asks the question: what about the water quality?

The idea matured to develop a water treatment device which is able to clear up furred pipes, to stop corrosion, to improve the drinking-water quality and which always functions whether the water is standing or flowing or irrespective of how fast it flows.

„The solution was WELLAN 2000, the biosignal water treatment device“.

In the early nineties, Klaus Wagner set to work and invented the biosignal water treatment device which satisfies all of the above requirements to the fullest extent. With a great deal of work and hard labour, the device was further enhanced in collaboration with other private institutes. Today, a matured, future-oriented product capable of covering all the sectors of water treatment can proudly be presented.

Wellan is available in smallest sizes and in outsizes up to 16”, for example.

“WELLAN 2000” is not a water-deliming device or lime converter, Wellan leaves the mineral substances as ions in the water and prevents the formation of crystals right from the start.

Apart from the sector of water, the new technology which has its origin in quantum physics naturally can also be used for numerous other purposes. This prospect led to the foundation of WELLAN® 2000 EUROPE GmbH - a mposed of a team of very dedicated staff members.

The most important concern of WELLAN® 2000 EUROPE GmbH is to provide information in the first place - this is done by means of informative brochures and, last not least, via a four weeks’ gratuitous test which may also be extended upon request. The customer freely decides at his or her discretion whether he/she will purchase or not. Our products can be obtained world-wide via special sales representatives and also via respective resellers.

The nature of the finest vibrations, the observation of modern physics induced the inventor Klaus Wagner to the ongoing development of such biotechnological devices. The invention and continuing research of Klaus Wagner on this domain represent a valuable contribution to restore again the disturbed equilibrium between man and nature.

Convince yourselves of the efficiency of “WELLAN 2000”