Scope of action of „WELLAN 2000“

Dr.-Ing. Manfred Schubert

Forschung und Entwicklung

Matter is consolidated energy. During his search for the smallest structural element of matter, man had to realise that no such smallest element exists. Matter is composed of atoms and atoms, in turn, can be disintegrated into an atomic nucleus and electrons which are circulating around the nucleus at unimaginable speed. The atomic nucleus consists of protons and neutrons which also rotate around themselves at immense speed and give the atom the appearance of matter.

Even though we were able to identify the smallest particle of the atomic nucleus, this does not mean that we discovered the most minute particle. Neutrons and protons can be subdivided into even smaller particles, that is, into quarks. Science is not sure, however, whether these quarks in turn are divisible as well. From today’s point of view it is to be assumed that the latter particles, the quarks, break up into so-called strings which interconnect the entire universe. The atomic and sub-atomic sectors described above form the world of quants. On this level about which little is known as yet, the action of „WELLAN 2000“ is to be placed.